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10 things I’ve been thinking about…

  1. I beat myself up too much.  I did alot of outside observation of myself this year. Deep stuff. Actually detaching myself from the emotions and observing as if I were talking to or about another person. For reals, I tend to treat me like crap over the SMALLEST things. A good lesson to learn on the healing road.
  2. Accept others for who they REALLY are can be heart breaking but freeing at the same time.  This one involved alot of heart break that in the end, revitalized my look at what relationships are to me.
  3. Sometimes walking away IS the BEST option. I always thought walking away was weakness. It meant you weren’t willing to fight the good fight. This year, I learned sometimes, fighting the good fight also means realizing the battle is over and you gotta let it go.
  4. Look at life through kids’ eyes. A refreshing way to view the world. The simplicity a child can have to offer on just about anything can give the heart a rebirth to joy.
  5. My chihuahua has been one of the best therapists ever. I really have never given my boy much credit for all he does.  Which, is actually quite a bit. Every outburst, every doubt, every tear, every fear…there he is. Unconditional love in it’s finest form.
  6. Loving & accepting myself is harder than I thought. I positive thought myself continuously. But still somehow, those damn prickle weeds find their ways through the cracks. But it did dawn on me that a lifetime of doo doo can’t be pooper scooped in 10 minutes. Spring clean up always takes the longest.
  7. Marriage is a continual work in progress.  Knowing that, is key to a marriage lasting. When asked how do you guys make your marriage work, I have a simple answer now: WORK.
  8. Blessings are bountiful. Everyday there ARE things to be grateful for. Even the most simple hot meal can be amazing on a depressive flashback non-moving day. Somedays it is an extreme difficulty to find that one little thing. BUT it’s there…just dig, it can be found..
  9. Hobbies. I let go alot of mine. Excuses were plentiful for way I didn’t have time. Reality: Too much time mindlessly surfing the web. So, I started to curtail that. Opened up more time for hobbies that I missed so much.
  10. Perspective is everything.  How you see things, is how things will be.

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