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7 things

  1. Spirituality: This is very personal. I sure as hell wouldn’t listen to someone tell me who to marry. So why would I listen to someone try and tell me about a relationship with a god/goddess/tree/sun/etc?? Not that I’m not up for a conversation. I’m always open to that. However, I don’t need an immature delusional person trying to push their beliefs on me. You got yours and I got mine.
  2. Marriage: Nobody else in the world needs to understand why you are with the person you are with. Nobody else needs to like the person. Nobody else needs to understand what you see in that person. Even if someone else tried to understand it, I don’t think they would. All people are wired differently. So what I would look for and want from a mate will be different from the next person. My husband is just that MY husband. We know what works for us. And quite frankly that’s all that matters. So if you aren’t secure in your relationship, if you aren’t sure if your significant other truly loves you, stay and whine or move on.
  3. Mental illness. This is a really touchy one for me. It’s real. I don’t care what anyone thinks. Mental illness is just that, an illness. There are accommodations that must be made to help the ill person be functional. If you don’t understand it, if you don’t care to understand it, then don’t be around it.  This kinda ties into the Marriage one for me. I know what works for my husband. Rather anyone else does or not. Doesn’t matter. We know and that’s all that matters.
  4. Broken Promises. Promises to me are worthless. Why? Because most people aren’t worth the air they breathe. Don’t believe it until you see it. It’s the way of the world. Except for a few select people in your immediate circle, I’m sure most of you know this is true.
  5. Relationships: This one needed it’s own tab. This is in reference to everyone else in your life (aside from mate). At times, breaks are needed. At other times, break ups are needed. If all it is bringing you is negativity, if it isn’t bringing anything to the table, then, as hard as it maybe, that relationship has run its course. Every relationship has it’s ups and downs. However if one is always down, if you are only called when something is needed, that’s not much of a relationship to begin with. Why drag it out? Shake a tail feather and cut lose.
  6. Family: It is what you make it. Both blood and water. I know the saying blood is thicker than water. This isn’t true in all cases though. Either that or I have a few friends that I’m related to and nobody has told me!! Our family in life is the people we love and who love us. The people who accept us for who we are. I’m glad I know who loves me and  that  they love me for me.

7. Perfect: Nobody is perfect. We all have faults. It’s life. There is no such thing as                        perfection. We all have our faults,rather we are willing to admit it or not.



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