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Be careful what you ask for

We’ve all heard the saying “be careful what you ask for”. Most people are so wrapped up in the superficial aspects of life that they don’t recognize the truth behind that old saying. I will use my own life’s whimsical answers to
things I’ve asked for as examples.

1. At the end of my first marriage I said I would NEVER get married again UNLESS he was a ginger with green eyes. And here I sit today listening  to my green-eyed ginger husband watching wrestling!

2.During my second pregnancy, I had complications and went on early maternity leave. I got to spend much-needed precious time with my oldest daughter that we lacked due to the strong demands of my job. It was a breathe of fresh air. I wished, asked why couldn’t I be a stay at home mom. Fast forward. I  give birth to my second daughter. Many complications were a foot.
She came out  blue as a smurf, not breathing. I cried just asking to hear her voice. She cried  and hasn’t stop since! Due to birthing complications, a slight arm deformity and  sensory problems, I became the stay at home mom I had longed to be. Not the  fairytale tv watching, bon bon eating dream I was looking for,
but I had got  what I asked for.

3. Due to the problems surrounding my second daughters welcoming to the planet, my doctor advised no more babies. I was totally fine with that. UNTIL
my  sister gave birth to her son. She called me literally seconds after his birth.  My human side came out when we got off the phone and on my way to see
him for  the first time. I cried the whole time, jealous. Jealous of all women everywhere  that can pop out a child and have no problems. My eyes full of
tears, I asked  why couldn’t just one of my girls been easy. And guess what…not matter all the  precautions and birth controls and countings, My last girls’ birth was easy. I  once again received what I asked for.

So I guess my point today is, when throwing your wants out to the universe, use a little precision. You’ll get what you asked for. Might not happen when or how or the way you wanted. But it will happen.


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