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Color as medicine

Native Americans knew long before our civilized minds had any concept on holistic/natural health alternatives. As a culture, the Native Americans have completely embraced the use of colors as medicine. It is a concept deeply ingrained in their practices. I’ve always loved colors but never thought of them as medicine. Recently I stumbled upon an amazing book. Wolf Medicine: Native American Shamanic Journey into the mind.

My mind came to a new level of understand as I flipped through the pages of this book. The words poured over me like a cool rain on a warm day refreshing my dulled senses.
Colors  have always been a means of expression. Feeling down in the dumps, pull on a dark colored hoodie some black sweats and call it a day. Feeling fantabulous, than wear those vibrant bright colors that show how brilliant you shine both inside and out. Colors change the feel of a room. The way we interpret certain colors can make the room warm and welcoming or cold and uncomfortable. I’ve always had these concepts in my mind. I love color. I enjoy taking in what the world has to offer. BUT to take it a step further.  To look to colors to heal myself??

Such an innovative new thought brought to me by such ancient practices. To look at a color I couldn’t stand, then to understand it was something I was lacking or needed to work on. How could it be that simple? Primary colors I learned as a toddler could help me now at 34??? Truth! Green….Oh green how I loathed thee! But green is all about failure, applying forgiveness, letting go of guilt and blame. And there we have it folks, everything I have been working on over the last year balled up thrown in my face via the color green.
Once upon a time I word colors other people told me look good. I had a closet full of a wardrobe dictated by other people’s opinions. Shirts of colors meant of the best intentions but lacking the sustenance I needed. After realizing the powerfulness a color change can make, re-evaluation hit the closet like drips from a popsicle in 90 degree heat.  I needed to change my colors to suit me.

My view is slightly altered now. Definitely for the better I would say. The world of color has taken on a whole new meaning for me. Instead of picking a color based on appearance, I ask myself what color feels best. I I nurture the part of me that looks to colors as expression of feelings, wants and needs. Very abstract train of thought, but unquestionably the right set of tracks for my train of thought.


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