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Different kind of parenting

We are realist as parents. Kinda George Carlin-ish without all the f bombs. Yes, I am an easter bunny mom. Yes, I lie and say santa is real. I love it though. It’s that wonder and joy in my kids eyes. Two of my children are no longer believers.  But I knew it would happen quickly for us. As parents, we are honest with our girls. We don’t make up stories about anything. Barring Santa and the bunny. However, they quickly at young ages, realized it was physically impossible to do either operation. Plus our dog would eat the bunny or Santa.

I don’t feel parents give their children enough credit. Many adults, for some reason, believe children are stupid. It is far from it. Yes they may be naive. However, I would say I know many children that are quite smarter than adults. I think alot of it has to do with what we say or do with our children. No matter what question our girls ask, my husband and I will answer it. If we don’t know the answer we will find the answer that same day. Children crave knowledge. I often get disheartened at parents that turn deaf ears to their child’s inquisitive nature.

There are those questions people may think are “too old” for a child to ask. But in my mind, I’d be asking myself..If I don’t answer this question for them, who will? Will that person give them an answer satisfactory to my standards? Will it be honest? Will it be laced with fear? I am really not a fan of other people teaching my kids about life. Those questions all build on top of each other, leading up to the hardest ones. The answers you give to your child to the hardest questions help build their character.

I also know that some questions have more than one answer. The easiest example I will give here is religion. There are amply ways to approach this topic. All with each person just knowing their beliefs are right and everyone else’s are wrong. So, of course, you have to pick answers to these questions that are right to you for your child. And quite frankly, I think it’s a great world that we can all pick the paths we want to follow in our parenting. However, I think it is upsetting when some people think their parenting is the only way to go. Greg and I are different parents. Like I said, we’re more of a realist sect of parenting. I don’t want life to blind side my kids when the walk out of the house into the world. I don’t think any one type of parenting is right. But don’t give people a hard time because they parent differently than you. Some of us color outside of the lines. And guess what? That’s ok


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