Direct Approach

I am very direct. I don’t sugar coat. I don’t ‘beat around the bush’. No I am not ghetto fabulous running my mouth like an ignorant fool. Nor am I spoiled brat that lashes out when I don’t get my way. If you ask me a question I will give you a direct answer. I am a firm believer in laying your cards out on the table. Of course, not to everyone. I don’t aimlessly tell everyone my expectations. That would be foolish. In the long run a majority of people, don’t really give a rat’s ass. Sure you can delusion yourself to think the mass of people around you really care about what you have going on. But realistically, in the back of your mind, you have to know that is not true. This is where, although quite frequently labeled a bitch, I feel the direct approach is the best approach.

Relationships are big part of my rant today. Look, everyone has needs, wants, expectations. If we didn’t than ALL relationships would work out. No matter who you were with, it would be peachy keen. If there were no expectations, there would be no disappointment. I do believe some people have insane expectations. Your partner (unless you’ve been told otherwise) is not a mind reader. You can just expect them to magically KNOW what you want. You have to let it be know. On the other hand, you have to find a partner who is willing to meet those expectations while you are also willing to meet theirs.  Here’s where the real problem is, people lie too much. Yes lie. If you are not honest about who you really are and what you really want, no sugar coating remember?..it is a lie. You are lie. Everything about you is a lie. All the breaths you take, all the words you speak. You got it, all lies.

I know people are human and do fall in and out of love. But I think a majority of break ups have nothing to do with falling in and out of love with a REAL person. Once again all boils down to rather or not you chose the direct approach.  Did you tell your partner in the beginning what you were expecting??? Long term? Short term? Children? Etc. I do think this applies to all relationships we have though, not just romantical ones. Siblings, parents, friends, and so on. The direct approach is difficult. Maybe you’ll find out who really is and isn’t on your side. Maybe you aren’t ready for that. It’s cool. All in due time. Just remember the more time you spend lying to yourself and those around you, is more time wasted that you can’t get back.


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