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Life is all about change and transitions. We move through different phases. The transitions are always just one step behind one another. As we go through these transitions we change and grow. Each step of the way there are growing pains. There are struggles. We get torn and come back stronger. Each phase leads us to another plane of existence in both our physical and mental states. This all involves the process of getting to know ourselves better. Coming to terms with who we are. Being able to look in that mirror and know that at the end of the day, you are content with who you are.
There are times we do this alone. Other times we do this with people by our side. We have the choice of what we share with who. I enjoy writing my blogs, updating on facebook and twitter. I love to share bits and pieces with you all. It touches my heart to be able to share my short stories and actually touch another person’s life. Maybe, just maybe even share some inspiration or motivation. However, there are pieces I don’t share. There are things I keep to myself or share with my inner circle. No, it’s not me hiding anything. It’s me keeping my personal business>GASP<personal. Such a simple concept yet so difficult for people to follow or understand. It is rather basic, if you don’t want everyone knowing what is going on behind closed doors, keep your mouth closed. The only way your personal business is made public is when YOU chose to share.
I am entering a phase of inner reflection. A point where I need to close myself in my brains. Focus and direction of life are always changing. If you never re-evaluate how do you move forward? If you don’t know which way you are looking, how can you have any direction to begin with? I believe a person’s direction should have purpose. To be president? No. To be a rocket scientist? No. To be any one label? No. The direction should bring you fulfillment in the life you live now. Enjoying the moments you have right here today. Maybe you aren’t where you want to be. Ever think that maybe right now you are where you need to be?  And the reason you are still there is because you haven’t given thought to your direction in life? Over this next week, I have to chose my direction. I have to decided which way to go and move forward. I’m glad to be here though. Moving into a new transition with all it changes doesn’t mean I’m losing anything. It doesn’t mean I left anything behind. What it does mean is that I’m moving on with purpose and unraveling more pieces to the mystery of myself.


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