Do it or Don’t

Simplicity is one of my favorite things. I love simplifying things. It really does make life so much more enjoyable. At the basis of everything in my life is one motto: Do it or Don’t. Essentially that is what EVERYTHING boils down to. Think of any choice, crossroads, etc you are debating in life. Really there is only this one  phrase it all boils down to: Do it or Don’t.  It is really that simple. Yet people drag out choices for quite some time. Now I get you have to weigh your options. Yet and still, it shouldn’t be something that brings you down like that. Choices are liberating! Why? Because YOU can chose what you want. When you sit around waiting to decide, other people start to decide too. And before you know it, things aren’t going the greatest. Why? Because YOU didn’t chose. You let other’s chose for you and you went along with it. Do it or Don’t.

Next come the excuses. Now if you are in a wheelchair and literally can’t walk up stairs, that’s not an excuse. That’s an obvious. I’m talking completely able people with excuses for everything. I’m gonna share a secret with you. The reality is, they are scared. Now don’t say that to the excuse maker, they will flat out deny that. But in my experience it is so true. we are staying together for the kids. No, you are staying together because you are both scared you can’t make it on your own. You are scared of failure. I was in those shoes. Sure it was rough. But I choice to Do it. And I did. I stood on my own two feet. Amazing feeling.

In our society it is ok to take, take and take. But you aren’t supposed to trust. In this cycle we have lost ourselves. Most people don’t even trust themselves anymore. I say this because look at the choices they make. Well really the lack there of choices they make. People stay in miserable situations because they are too scared to make a difference. I’m not talking world change. Just a change in their own world. Stop being scared. Do you want that new job? Either Do it or Don’t. Stop sitting around complaining. Make the changes you want. Do it or Don’t. If you chose Don’t and maybe the outcome isn’t what you wanted, Buck up. Life happens! Wallowing around feeling sorry for yourself won’t make it better. Keep going. Even if the choice you made doesn’t work out the way you wanted, atleast YOU chose, not anyone else. Look at the choices that didn’t turn out the way you wanted, now at this stage, is it still something you really want?? Get up and take charge of your life. Stop making excuses. Do it or Don’t.


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