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Everything living is always evolving. Always little changes taking place. Since January I have had major changes taking place. For those of you sending messages and such, I greatly appreciate the concern. I am in a much better spot (most of the time) now. Hopefully I will have my blog, twitter and facebook page all up and running again!
My blog layout really stumped me for awhile. I needed a new format. I love the bright colors but well…evolution is what’s taking place. A metamorphosis of my mind. The opening of the bloom that’s been waiting to burst on the scene. My gardening mind realized how much my Maggie (magnolia tree) and I have in common. The sturdy greenery on display. Blowing with the wind. Short enough to not get broke in half. But strong enough to give some leeway. And then, it happens. The most magnificent bloom you will ever see. Really breathe taking when observed in full glory. Often overlooked because one doesn’t take the time to actually STOP and OBSERVE. That last part…Yeaaaaaaaaaaa that’s what I’ve been doing to myself. Just taking life for granted. Not celebrating it’s beauty.
Being half way through the year has triggered me to realize how hard I’ve actually been working on ME. It is very odd feeling to actually be proud of myself for once. Not being con-descending (all the time) to myself. To say nice thing about myself to myself and even brave enough sometimes to say it to others.  I’m still a work in progress. Will be til the day I die. But not that I like what I’m doing with me, it seems alot less like work and alot more like fun!
As I am evolving so is the writing and ideas. There are times I have refrained from writing because it’s supposed to be more upbeat. Or because really does the world want to hear the rantings of another fat chic? Mom? Wiccan? Pagan? Wife? (insert label here) And then the skies opened, the sun shown through, a choir of angels sang…Ok scratch that, I just realized screw it, I’m here to help me anyways. Jumping that hurdle. That who truly gives a crap what “other’s” think hurdle. I’m still mid air on that jump BUT it’s amazing to be to this far.
So, you’ll like some. I’m sure you’ll down right hate some. But that’s what evolution is all about. Making changes that suit our own being the best, not what everyone else thinks we need to change.


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