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Flames of a bonfire

Pastel pinks, blues and lavenders fill the sky. The sun is slowly setting behind the trees spraying it’s last bit of rays before going down for the night. The temperature has cooled down.
Jeans and hoodies are the group attire.
Cooler off to the side filled with ice. Beverages of the evening sunk in to get  that chill just right.
Marshmallows. Chocolate. Graham Crackers. Open and ready for business.
Sticks gathered from around the yard. A pile of brush placed in first. Topped with those sticks, maybe some cut up debris from the garage.
A little lighter fluid. Then the strike of the match.
Flames billow up. Warmth rushes our faces. The chill now gone from the air. A smell only described as an inhale followed by a sigh. Nothing beats that smell right there.
The joys, the tears, the silence, the all of everything shared there around those flames of the bonfires.


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