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Hold yourself to a higher standard

If YOU don’t respect yourself, no one else will either. Self love is a must. I’m not talking conceit or selfishness. But you have to love yourself enough to set some standards. If looking for a mate, I think you should have a little more of a standard bar than breathing and opposing genitalia. This doesn’t just apply to mates though. I think this applies to over all life. Bottom line is it’s your life. So if at the base of YOUR life, you don’t love or respect yourself, why would anyone else?

Today I was at the gas station. My husband had wanted a fountain pop. His addiction, I assure you. So as I walk out of the gas station, a gentlemen approximately 20-25, is walking past me. HE bumped into me. I was looking him in the eye. Which is something I do to everyone. Now I open my mouth to say, sorry about that. And he says “Hey fatty watch where you’re going, that pop ain’t helpin either” And he chuckles. I never stopped eye contact, and slightly turned and said, “I hope that made you feel better about yourself. Your welcome, have a great day.” He just stood there in shock. Guess a “fat person” has never stood up to him before. Now 10 years ago that would definitely would not have been my response. But I learned a lesson from my daughter. She has a blonde fro. I’m talking 70’s big ass fro. Seriously, during the summer, it is white. She’s light-skinned with blue eyes. Quite often GROWN people will stare at her and/or make comments about her hair. I’m her mom. I’m the lioness over my cub. I want to split skulls. My blood rages. My temper isn’t always the best. And then one days she says to me “Mom, it doesn’t bother me, so why should it bother you? I love myself. Doesn’t matter what anyone else says”.  She’s right.

Be consistent. Put your foot down. Make eye contact. You’d be surprised how many people are actually intimidated by eye contact. Most people won’t hold your gaze. Stand up and be proud. Now I’m not promoting douchebagerry at all. I’m just saying what happened to self-esteem. Nobody else is in control of that. It’s SELF esteem. You are in control of it. YOU are the person who takes the reins.


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