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I’m not changing

I’m who I am.  I’m never-changing unless it’s something I think I need to change. I’m not an insensitive person. I just don’t care. Don’t get me wrong. I care about the people in my life. However, I don’t care much for drama. Unless when using the word Drama we are referring to my days in high school hanging out with the theater/drama crowd. Then I LOVE DRAMA. But essentially I have been the same person. And I don’t see much need to change who I am. Now, I do believe people evolve. I couldn’t be exactly the same as I was when I was 20 and still be a good parent! It just wouldn’t have mixed. BUT, those are changes I saw fit to make. NOT changes other people tried to have me make to fit into the mold they wanted me in.

Look, this is how I see things. If you walk up to me and ask my opinion, I am going to be HONEST. I’m talking 100% unadulterated honest. I will say what I have to say. Now I am not ignorant. I don’t get belittling or anything of the like. However, I will say what I think. Seeing as though my opinion was asked for. Usually I also give a disclaimer and reminder that my opinion was asked for. And quite often MY OPINION is VERY different from what that person wants to actually hear. I’m not one for sugar-coating. Once again not that I’m being ignorant. But we all are of an adult age. So maybe we should be adults. Don’t ask for my opinion if you can’t look yourself in the mirror and admit to yourself what’s really going on.

If you are honest with yourself, I don’t think someone can “hurt” your feelings. When I ask someone their opinion, it’s because I’m not quite sure if I’m seeing something accurately. Not because I want to be confrontational. Not because I want to start an argument with someone else to try to belittle them to make myself feel better. I have to say I’m brutally honest with myself. But that’s what makes me confident. I know that no matter what another person tries to “point out” to me, I already know it about myself. Another thing people don’t understand is that your opinion is indeed just that YOUR opinion. sure you can tell it to me, but doesn’t mean I will make life altering changes to adhere to your opinion.

I like who I am. I don’t see the need to change that for anyone. I won’t change. Either love me for me or move on. It really is that simple.


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