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Integrity, class, character

Integrity is being consistent in your actions or values. Pick your values and stick to them. Have the integrity in your life to refuse to compromise on your principles. When you have integrity you can look at yourself in the mirror because you have nothing to hide. You are open and honest. You have the courage to be honest or disagree, but the proper etiquette to say it respectfully.

Having class is having manners. Not Emily Post manners. Just regular old common decency towards other people. Being polite and actually listening to another person. Be that person who can share their knowledge or opinion without being condescending. Even if it is not the “popular” or “in” way to be, try being honest and trustworthy. Having class means you are able to maintain your composure when other people have lost theirs. You have the ability  to respond to them, no matter how ignorant they maybe, with a calm and intelligent demeanor.

Character is what you do when no one is looking. It is much easier kept than recovered.  Your character is your disposition. The morals and ethical strengths you carry out in your day-to-day actions, both seen and unseen, are included in the defining of your character. It’s that accumulation of thoughts, values, words and actions that develop the strengths and weaknesses you need to overcome the obstacles in your life. A person of character thinks right and does right according to core universal values that define the qualities of a good person. Don’t take advantage of others. Be honest in your words and actions. Do everything possible to convey the truth. Don’t blame others for your carelessness. Think before you act-consider the consequences. Be accountable for your words, actions and attitudes. Don’t make excuses. Walk your talk. Live your beliefs. Be who you say you are.

Ever notice how people who act the most childish are the people who consistently say they are “grown”. Those same individuals are the ones who will start throwing a fit/temper tantrum as soon as they don’t get their way. The whole “keep it real” crowd is so over played. The group of people where everybody is “hard”. Those people who run their mouths just to hear themselves talk. I don’t know about anybody else but I’m exhausted from these kid games. It is getting rather old listening to people talking about who they are and how they are.  What ever happened to dignity? What about people showing a little bit of class or character?

Don’t walk around the world thinking you are entitled to anything. Entitlement is a vicious cycle that goes nowhere. Nobody owes you anything. You are not entitled to anything. It’s called ‘earning’ your way. Not expecting anything from anybody. That’s right, good ol’ fashion hard work. Don’t walk through your life thinking you are a god or goddess that others can not live with out. Hate to break it to people like this, but you are not the supplier of air to the human race. If you were, then and only then would others not be able to live with out you. It really is time for people to just get over themselves. A reality check is severally in need. No matter how “hard” you are, no matter how “real” you keep it, no matter how “thugtastic” you think you are: at the end of the day, the sun is still gonna set and the morning it is still gonna rise. The world will keep turning. Get over yourself because everyone else will.


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