Judging someone else really shows the world who you are. With every comment that comes out of your mouth you reveal more about how you really think and feel. Might want to stop and think before you open your mouth. There is no way possible for you to understand what is going on in someone else’s life. There is no way for you to even try to know how that person feels. The heaviness of the struggle they have going on in their life.
It is possible to relate. Perhaps you have been through a similar situation as someone else.Sure you can bond and partially understand one another. However, a pair of life’s shoes never fits different people the same. Some of life’s shoes are too tight for others and left for those of use who like our shoes snuggly laced. All of our journeys in life are different. We all have different loads to carry. It’s what makes the world so much more interesting, all the diversity.

On the other side of this I must say to the person being judged, don’t try to understand the “judger”. It is futile. It maybe something as small as a misunderstanding. Which of course is great since it may be able to be cleared up. Then again if it goes much more past that, why waste YOUR time? Why waste any energy trying to understand any of their garbage? Only YOU YOU YOU have to understand what is going on in your life. It really is no one else’s business but your own. And, you DO NOT owe it to ANYONE to explain to them what is going on.


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