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Lesser no more

If you think and act like you are lesser, people will treat you that way.  If YOU can not believe that you are worth anything, no one else will either. If you aren’t willing to see the marvels that you withhold, no one else will either.  Our self worth is not left to someone else to decided. We are totally in charge of who we are, rather we realize it or not.

Yesterday, I did my hair. Same way I do every day. But it looked different. No really it didn’t. I was just seeing it differently. I was perceiving it to be less than the day before. Something that simple, yes right there, starts the whole view of what we see. Which leads to what we show others. The view that others will see. Granted, how others view us, isn’t really a top priority. It’s the treatment of ourselves by others that is so much more important. However, since we are visual creatures we often fixate on how we view things.

So right here, tonight, how do you see yourself? How do you treat yourself?? When you treat yourself like you don’t deserve to be here, other people pick up on that. You see that cycle? Crap on top of crap.

We always are going to be “less than” according to someone else standard. So why try ourselves that way? Why not rise up? Why not say screw this and just love ourselves at whatever standard we want?? Why? Because we are scared. Scared of rejection. Scared of standing out. Scared of being different.

I don’t have the answers for everyone. Heck, most days I don’t have the answers for myself.  In this moment though I know that if I keep bagging on myself, so will everyone else. Honestly, even if I don’t bag on myself, there’s a line of people willing to. So, I’m getting out of that line. I’m not going to be a lesser to anyone anymore.


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