Let it be

At times, I feel like I am blinding walking through life. No matter how much I plan, there are always curve balls. There are always those things that pop up that I don’t expect. I used to get all worked up. OH NO!! PANIC BUTTON. However, that sure is alot of wasted energy. A bunch of carrying on that in end, didn’t change whatever had popped up to begin with. And then on top of that, I’d worry about what other people would think of me. What would they see in me? If I made the “wrong” choice (in their eyes) would they banish me to the netherworld? Would I ever survive all of this, well, crap??
I just let it be. I realized that at the end of the day, I’m my worst critic. No one is ever harder on me than I am on myself. No one can navigate my life better than me. No one else can ever know what is right for me other than me.  I can’t change things that are meant to be. I can’t stop the things that pop up in life. BUT I can enjoy myself. I can chose to be in control of myself and my reactions. Besides, life is so much more fun dancing and singing then groveling and grumbling.


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