Life changes

Ideally, all the visions we have of ourselves and loved ones would be reality. The dreams we have for ourselves would come true. The aspirations we have for those we care most about would come to surface. Though these are great thoughts, they are not reality. In reality, we can in no way control the life of another. We can lend advice, an ear, a shoulder. But in the end, it is their life and their choices or lack there of.  Just as it is OUR life and choices or lack there of as well. We should learn that there are consequences for our actions. And you can’t blame the outcome, rather you like or not, on anyone else but yourself.

Ya know, life changes and we have to change with it. We really do need to bend or life will break us. Sure I love being a kid at heart. But I do have responsiblities. I know that. Obviously I can’t have the same exact thoughts and ideas I did as a child. I mean, I am an adult. Life changes. I have a hard time trying to reason with people who’s minds are lost in the past of their childhood. Change is inevitable. Change is NOT bad. Change actually has no connotations. The change only has the feelings we label it with. The thoughts we project onto it. Sure I have changes in my life that I have worried about. Who doesn’t? I don’t view change as bad though. I view it as an opportunity. Why is this happening? What can I learn from it?

So sure you can feel overwhelmed. You can feel like life’s dealt ya a bad hand. I hate to be the bearer of bad news though. All those idioms are YOUR feelings. Life didn’t hand ya a raw deal. A situation happened and you reacted. Sure the situations we encounter can be far from enjoyable. But learn from it, let go and move on. I promise you life will keep handing you changes.


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