Life’s about perspective

I’m a huge believer in the universe. Whatever energy/vibes/behavior we send out is what we receive in return. When breaking it down scientifically everything technically gives off energy. So I feel very confident in my thoughts here. Plus my life has been a huge spinning circle of cause and effect and things coming back to me, good and bad. Lots of times, I hear people say, “why me?” or “But what did I do to deserve this?” Before you continue, remember this is just my opinion. However, it’s one that I have had a life time to formulate. And I stand pretty firmly behind it.
Life is all about perspective and being HONEST with YOURSELF. I think the hardest part for some people is the being honest with themselves. It is quite amazing how one can become delusion and hide with in themselves. I have been guilty of this myself. I have done thing I’m not proud of. Hurt people who were nothing but good to me. Unfortunately I was a douche. However, I had to look in the mirror and face myself. I had to right the wrongs I have done. No one else could do that for me. It’s all about owning it. Taking responsiblity. So below I will explain how I try to look at situations in life. I want to share with you the readers in hopes that it will help someone else achieve the inner peace I have been able to give myself.
First analyze the situation. Try to look outside of yourself. Pretend someone else is telling you the story. Now ask yourself, HONESTLY ask yourself, did I do something to be here right now? For me a daily struggle is my husband. (All jokes aside here because who’s significant other isn’t a pain? ) He has Bipolar Disorder with Psychosis and intermittent explosive anger disorder. What does this mean to the average Joe? He’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hide (no offense meant to other bipolar readers. this is a description of my husband own accord) For some sick twisted reason that alludes me, I love this man more than cheap words can convey. But there are days I am overwhelmed. Days I am sinking and there’s no Leo willing to take my place and let me be on the board. No matter what happens though, at the end of the day I have to acknowledge my crappy day is a result of my own action. I married the guy. In no way am I saying I regret my marriage or my husband. This has made me realize how much I can love another person (which I didn’t think was possible). So the point here is When I ask myself, what did I do to deserve this, why me, in this situation was totally in my control and it still is.

Second, now if you’ve done the above and STILL can’t say you are the reason, ask yourself what is there to learn here? There are ALWAYS lessons to be learned. You may not see it at the time but eventually (if you pay attention) it’ll show itself to you. As an example here I will use my first marriage. I won’t sit here and degrade another person. I will say it wasn’t ideal. We both were not what the other person needed or wanted in the long term. Even though I acknowledge that, all the emotional hoopla followed the divorce. Rough waters to say the least. BUT had I not experienced that, I would never be able to appreciate my husband for the amazing father and friend he is.

Third, Worrying about the situation is pointless. I can not stress how much of a waste of your precious life that is. Worrying doesn’t lead to anything productive. Unless you like ulcers, high blood pressure and all them there fun health problems! Yes I do worry occasionally. But for the most part, when I realize what I am doing, I stop(beside my husband worries enough for the both of us and then some).  All situations in life do not have feelings. We add the feelings with our perspective to that given situation. So don’t waste time worrying about things that you can’t change. Accept the hand that you were dealt and play it! Live your life. Breathe and enjoy it!  Tomorrow’s not guaranteed. The cemetery is full of people who thought they’d be here in the morning. It’s all about perspective


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