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Doctors, therapist, specialist and such are wonder workers. But they are human as well. Not superheros with the answers to all the world’s problems. So sometimes, a diagnosis isn’t always right. And to cut’em a little slack, some symptoms due overlap quite a few illnesses.  Of course then there are ‘limitations’ due to said diagnosis. The limitations part is what really gets to me. I guess I just don’t like people telling me what I can and can not do. Sure there maybe guidelines one should follow to live a more effective life with a certain diagnosis, but saying no? I just don’t jive with that.

Six years and nine months ago, I had a 3 month old baby that always cried. I mean ALWAYS. This is when all of the tests and evaluations really started. LOTS and LOTS. My little girl was miserable and so was I. Our first route was the physical aspect to her. That was the easiest part. We had lots of limitations. She wouldn’t use her arm or very limited mobility.  It would be close to her body for life. The list of limitations was endless. Next came the ‘mental/emotional’ aspect. At six months old, it was Autism. She was withdrawn, no eye contact. And here we received a list of limitations as well. At this six month mark we literally had quite a list of no no’s, things she’d never do, etc. As parents we were very overwhelmed. Then I got tired of all the limitations and what I “had” to do for her. Screw it, a mom knows her child right? So I dug deeper. I read more. I gave the suck it chop to all the limitation givers in her life. I’m glad I did too! I’m glad I educated myself for her.

The principal called her name. She looked at me. Stood up and started to walk. She stumbled but didn’t fall. And that’s been her life so far. She has stumbled often. But not fallen every time. And when she has fallen, she has stood right back up and kept going. She’ll never remember the limitations that were placed on her, but I do. Yea, it’s ‘just’ student of the month to some people. Screw that too. To me it’s the world. It’s everything. It’s my world seeing my little girl jumping those hurdles, holding her head high and being so proud of herself. I love it. And I am honored to be a mother to such an amazing girl.  10/10/2011


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