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Make yourself a priority

In the non stop ongoing pace of life, we often have a difficult time ‘scheduling’ everything in. It is hard to make time for everything. We are over committed to everything, our families, our jobs, our kids, etc. We are always in need of a vacation. We are sleep deprived, grouchy and in need of coffee. Well folks, I have to admit, the light clicked on for me. It dawned on me that when we get tired the first person we stop taking care of is our self. We need to relearn to make ourselves a priority. Yes, everyone/thing is important to us. However, we should be the most important to our self. I mean, if we stop, so does our life right? So do all the interactions and relationships. If we can find time for all the things we squeeze in, why not time for us?

I hear it all the time. Excuses. That’s all it is. Sure you can call it a reason. When it boils down to it, it’s an excuse. Be honest with yourself. If you really wanted to, you could make time for you. It’s not being selfish if you take ‘me’ time. It’s about making yourself mentally healthier. It’s about making sure that you are ok. When was the last time you could look at yourself and just HONESTLY say, Yea, I’m ok? I hadn’t done that for awhile. I’m not gonna lie. This is VERY challenging and difficult. You have to be introspective. This is by far one of the most demanding tasks you will put before yourself.  Nevertheless it is the MOST rewarding task you can give yourself.

In time it is amazing what you will unmask to yourself about yourself. At first, it’s awesome. It’s just me me me time. Then, you hit a wall. What’s next? I’m bored. How sad to be bored with yourself! I hit that. Then I started asking myself, what do I want to do? Which lead me to..I don’t know. Who am I now? Sure I like zombies still. But the undead only gets me so far. Yes I like to crochet, but again after awhile that gets boring too. Now what? Quiet time *GASP* No way. No noise. No busy work. Just me and my brain. Scary. It was. Really! At first it was intimidating. It meant I had to face things I didn’t want to. I had to think about things I hadn’t milled over in years. But now here I was/am, knee deep in my own brain matter.  A sage that still continues…..

Give yourself time. You give everyone and everything else your time. You make have to cut back a couple commitments. You make have to pull in the rein on all the horses out to pasture. It is worth it though. It’s a good feeling when you wake up in the morning and actually know yourself. It’s a great feeling when you can look in the mirror and say “Yea, I’m ok today.” Take the steps. Get yourself started. Any moment can be your time!


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