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Mirror Image

Short spiky Hair. Blue eyes. Glasses. A nose. A mouth. Eyebrows. 5 ear piercings. Yep, I’m looking at the same image. The exact same image I see every morning. The same face that greets me every time I wash my hands in the bathroom sink. So why do I see something different each time I look in the mirror?

I haven’t changed anything about my “head” appearance in awhile due the habit of always criticizing myself. The mirror exam. Come on. Don’t play coy. You know EXACTLY what I am talking about. Those over analyzing first few moments of mirror time. The harshest part of our day. Either when you first get up or  when you get out of the shower..

1. Hair assault- Too short. Too long. Wrong color. Roots. Too frizzy. Too straight. To curly. Too kinky.
2.Eye bash- don’t like the color. misshaped. the dark circles. crows feet. freckles around them
3.Nose nonsense – too big. too small. too wide. too narrow.
4. Mouth mistakes- thin lips, thick lips, dry lips, frowny lips
5. Ears errors- too big. too small. uneven

Ladies it’s no wonder as a gender, we are considered “bitchy”. If this is how we treat ourselves, how can there be any hope for our treatment of others? Scratch that, take others out of it. If that’s how we treat ourselves, how are we ever enjoying life? If we are wasting, yes wasting, what few precious moments we do have to ourselves to do amazing self talk and we are bashing ourselves, there’s something wrong with this picture.

We often forget we are amazing creatures. We are loving compassionate curvy beings that assault ourselves the first chance we get.

Today I challenge you ladies. I challenge you to start by appreciating yourself. Appreciate the beauty of being the unique work of art the Universe intended to be just the way you are. Then I challenge you to actually be compassionate and loving to yourself. You know the same way you are when a girlfriend needs a shoulder to lean on. Be your own shoulder. Tell yourself all the amazing things you have time to tell someone else but sorely neglect to you! If you have to put post it notes on the bathroom mirror!! (If you put packing tape around your notes, the moisture from the shower doesn’t ruin them!)

No one else can change the image we see in the mirror. It’s up to you to see the woman who is really there, not the negative descriptors you have labeled her with.


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