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Moms don’t quit

The following blog can also be applied to fathers. I guess I’m a little bias because I am a woman. I have carried children full term and birthed them. I have also miscarried. Therefore this is from my stand point as being a mother.

It is a 24/7, 365 day a year job. You seldom get help. And in my opinion it’s one of the most thankless jobs you can have. It’s called being a mother. You don’t try, you just do it. You just wake up when your kids are sick. And then drag butt the next day.  Either you want it, or you don’t. IF you don’t, use birth control. And if for some reason you can’t bring yourself to not reproduce but still don’t want the responsiblity, give you child(ren) up for adoption. There are many families looking for babies. Women who give their children up for adoption are at least woman enough to admit they can’t do it.

Then there are the birthers. I don’t really regard these woman as mothers. They are just a woman who has birthed a child. These woman love being pregnant because of the attention they get. But unfortunately, when the ‘newness’ of their baby wears off, so does their ‘parenting'(if you even want to call it that). Their children are everyone else’s responsiblity. These are the woman who claim that they “tried their best”. However, usually they didn’t try anything other than being selfish and projecting the mother Teresa image. Harsh sounding I know. But I’m not being harsh, only honest. I am being honest because the children in these situation are the world’s future. Do people get this?

Stop playing the victim. Don’t use your children. Don’t make them a pawn in your life’s game of chess. They are people too. The deserve whatever is best for them. Be honest. Look in the mirror and be honest with yourself. Stop lying about who you are pretending to be. It would be so much healthier for those children in the long run. If you’re one of these women get help. I’m not saying it can be changed. Any and everybody has that chance to make that change. We all have the window of opportunity to seek help. Just do it before it is too late and your children close all the windows and doors to you. In the end, it will not be their loss but yours. You will miss out on all of the love a child has to give. And that is so plentiful beyond the minds imagination.

Yes I know this is more of a rant than an upbeat blog. It is just a wrench in my mind’s gears today. Mom’s don’t quit. They just don’t. We just kept going. We do what we have to for our children. We give and give and then give some more. It’s just what you’re supposed to  do.


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