Never what it seems

Life is quite often like a play. We are all actors/actresses on the stage of life. There are different acts. Sometimes there are rehearsals. Most days are opening nights. Then again their are the repeats of a show done before but that needed some fine tuning. But what MOST of the people in the world see is JUST what you put on the stage. They don’t see the behind the curtain work. I know this will make much sense to the drama/theater crowd. Yes the actors/actresses have to memorize the lines and put on that stellar show of what they want everyone to believe they are portraying. But then there’s the leg work.

The leg work is what often gets over looked. Ya know the person/people behind the scenes working their asses off to get from one scene to the next. Of course, it is never what it seems. What you see on the stage is only what people want you to see. The portion of their life they chose to share with certain people. Some scenes are reserved for only the VIPS. Others are public free bees.

Sure you may think the life play of someone you are watching is amazing. Those people have it all figured out. Those people got it together. But you only see the surface. You don’t see the endless hours of blood, sweat and tears put in behind all the stage. All the work, dedication, lost hours of sleep.  I think you get the point here. The old saying that nothing every is what it seems still rings true. So before you go off wanting somebody else’s life, maybe you should see if you can get a back stage pass.


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