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Other people expectations

Some people are a ‘flat character’ who is only one dimensional. If they are labeled in a genre of people, they try their hardest to conform to the image people have place on them. I’m not one for conforming.  No I’m not a radical throwing paint on someone’s fur. I don’t bomb cars. I just don’t like to be labeled and placed into a box.  I don’t really fit into one or two categories anyways. I mean, you can say I’m a mom. Yes I fit there. But I’m not a conventional mom. It may seem like I’m the suburban soccer mom but that’s only one piece of the total person.

There are people who often feel the need to express themselves to everyone they cross paths with. These are the people who have to tell everyone what they think about any given situation. They are also the people who tend to tell you how you should live your life.  They will give you expectations they fell suit you. Also, when you don’t meet their expectations, they will become quite upset. And of course, don’t hold back in expressing how disappointed or let down they feel at you not meeting what they wanted of you.

Other people’s expectations are not how I define myself. Nor do I think anyone else should either. I don’t have to be what somebody else wants me to be. All I want to be is happy. It really is that simple. So what if you do something other people wouldn’t  “expect” you to do?? It’s your life not theirs.  I’m a gardener. Now truth be told, I never would have expected that of myself. But ya always got to be willing to try new things. Gardening was never a word that I would have thought would be in my vocabulary. If I can’t know what to expect from myself, how can other people know?


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