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Picking my happiness

Other people do not need to understand you. This conflict is at the heart of many human interactions. If other people don’t/can’t/won’t understand you, then you are wrong (by their definition). Everything you do is wrong. The way you think is wrong. The way you act is wrong. It’s all about them wanting you to fit into THEIR definition of how you should act. Reality is, that’s their problem. Going through a life of self punishment because you don’t fit someone else’s definition of “you” is completely unacceptable. You don’t need other’s approval to be yourself. All you need is YOUR approval.

This can be very sensitive with our families and friends.. The struggle we may feel to prove to others who we really are. The strife we endure and carry around due to the lack of understanding we receive from those who are supposed to be our support team. All of this heart ache because we just want to be who we are without the guilt of disapproving eyes. We watch what we say. We think over a million times before we say something, if we even do at all. Then when we do open up, it’s met by negative words dressed up to sound like positive encouragement to act the way they want us to. And that’s ok for them. The words they say. The trouble they cause. The devastation they leave behind them. Never taking other people into consideration. All of that is ok. Why? Because it’s them and not us.

There actually is something to learn from the way other people treat us. They pick themselves. Maybe we need to as well. I decided I’m no longer going to assimilate to the Borg. I am not going to live the rest of my life in fear. Fear of how other’s will react. Fear of abandonment. Fear of rejection. I’m done living in the shadows of self doubt. Truth is, self love is not being selfish.

I’m picking my own happiness.


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