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Proud wife of a great Dad

I have been experiencing writers block when it comes to this blog. I wanted to write something awe inspiring and such. Most of the week I have thought about this on and off. What could I say that every other women with a great husband wouldn’t say? But then it dawned on me. With the divorce rate being half of all marriages end in divorce. Child support being 10 of thousands of dollars behind for most women. I do have that diamond in the rough.

I don’t have to argue with my husband when it come to supporting our children. The first thing on his mind is always the girls. He always makes sure they are provided for before we go any further with anything. Now this also includes his need to ‘over compensate’ aka spoil them.  I complain about it, but he did want all daughters. So how can we have anything but three daddy’s girls???
I don’t have to argue with my husband to spend time with our children. At the risk of sounding jealous, I do have to argue with him to spend time with me because he is always spending time with the girls. hahaha He always makes sure to do activities both individually and collectively with them.  And I never have to nag him about it. He genuinely enjoys spending time with our daughters. It’s never a chore. I also have to add that he actually spends time with them. Not just listens to them talk will he’s doing something else. They get his undivided attention.

In a society where good responsible dads are hard to find, I got one that I will never let go of. I definitely feel blessed to have such a wonderful man in my and my daughters life.

To my husband, You are the best part of waking up. Not a day goes by that I am not thankful for the love that you add to our family. Thank you so much for all that you do.


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