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PTSD: Not just for Veterans

Once upon a time, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was just for soldiers/veterans. But in more recent times, it has come to light that ANY person who has experienced or witnessed a traumatic (terrifying) event may suffer from PTSD. This is a REAL REAL REAL condition. It is very serious. It can and will effect the the day to day functions of the person afflicted with the disorder. It is essential to search out treatment to help learn how to cope with all that comes along with PTSD.

The first step to getting the help is realizing what is going on. This was a hard one for me. I mean come on..who really wants to admit they have a problem. And even more so, who wants to ask for help? For sure not me. When I started out, I was labeled Bipolar. Now almost a year later, I strongly disagree with that diagnosis. As I totally agree with the updated diagnosis of PTSD. When that was first mentioned to me, I was like pshh I’ve never been to war. But again via much research and guidance from therapy, I dug this diagnosis way more.

Looking at the symptoms here:

Reliving: Reliving through thoughts, memories, flashbacks and nightmares. Oh and things that remind one of the trauma, like date or object. (Hmmmmmmm wow, I just thought I was crazy but mmmm guess I wasn’t as crazy as I thought. I actually deal with this. And for the longest time I was ashamed to admit I had nightmares as much as I can. I felt like a little kid. But now I know it goes with the terrain.)

Avoiding: Staying clear of people and places that remind you of what happened. (For sure. Avoidance can be my BFF.)

Increased arousal: Having excessive emotions, problems with feeling and showing affection,difficulty falling or staying asleep, jumpy, etc. (Oh yes, all of these about two times over again. Especially the sleeping party. Oh god the nightmares can be awful. Making even wanting to sleep a choir)

After reading stuff like this, I thought oh for sure, I am really feeling this. I figured I’d walk right in, get some help and walk on out. WRONG. Definitely not what has happened. I had to go to the regular doctor and get a bunch of tests too. Atleast I know my body is in pretty awesome condition. However my mind is a bit in shambles. So cool I dig it. Let’s get the ball rolling. I have to say, I did do the meds. But..well.. I’m not anymore. They just weren’t right for me. I really need to be clear minded to work through all these slug. I can’t do that with a foggy brain.

A year ago, I would have got major migraines and vomiting bouts from the anxiety. The anxiety actually masqueraded as heart attack. Now, here I am sitting a year later. Yes. I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Yes I am in treatment. Yes it is difficult. But now I can clearly see where I am and what I need to do. That is the first half of the battle. I urge anyone else out there suffering to get help. This is not a veterans’ only disorder. This is for any and all of us who have suffered from traumatic happenings in our life. In order to feel better YOU HAVE TO ADMIT what is really going on. You have to be HONEST with yourself, the doctors and therapist. I promise you, if you dive in and HELP YOURSELF, you will be able to cope.


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