Right lane driver

I’m a right lane driver. The left lane goes a little too fast for me. Everybody in that lane is always in a rush. Riding my bumper, speeding past, honking horns. And yes I do the speed limit. While cruising along today, I realized, you can almost categorize people by their favorite lane of traffic.

Right lane drivers. These drivers are the slower drivers. Choose to do the speed limit. Either out of civil duty or just accident paranoia. We tend to take our time but not procrastinate. We get done what we need to do. I think we enjoy life a bit more. We actually take life in and digest it.

Left lane drivers. These people are fast, rushed and always busy. Everything they do is important. They are always rushing, how can you actually absorb anything? These people tend to just go, go, go and collapse. These tend to be the burn outs. Sure they financially look successful. They are just shells of people. Modern day zombies working of off instinct.

Middle turn lane. This is that turn lane where you can go right or left. Also known as the suicide lane. This lane is slow, fast, left turn, right turn, u turns. These people usually don’t know where they are going. these people are perpetually lost in life. They don’t really have direction.

I do switch between the lanes. Who doesn’t? Depends on the day and what your destination is. There are always days I’ve lost my way. I’m continuously turning and losing my way. Other days I’m get up and go. But mostly, I just like to hang out in my right lane.


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