Sometimes, it’s just a no

Prayers. Vibes. Mojo. Thoughts. Hoping. Wishing. Whatever word you use, most of us do it. It’s all the same thing, just called by a different name. I have been tossing around this blog for a few days now. Not 100% sure how to get across what I’m thinking. As always anything with a ‘religious’ connotation is so taboo. But I’m not really focusing on the religious aspect here. More so of a focus on what you are asking for and what you are receiving. Think of all the things you have EVER prayed/hoped/etc for. Maybe high school’s one true love to be forever yours. Maybe that job you just had to have. Maybe the life of a lost baby. Our lives are filled daily with things we ask for. As hard as it may seem at that time and even still currently, we got our answer then. And it was no.

We are often asking for things we want. Be it an urgent want or something we have longed for. It’s as simple as something we want. And, of course, we are NOT going to settle for second best or no! We want what we want! And we want it now! It isn’t a matter of need. I believe ALOT of inner turmoil comes from those internal struggles. The struggles when we fight ourselves over what we truly need and what we want. Of course, we are human. There will always be wants. But to minimize our internal dismay we really have to look at life realistically.

We really have to think about the things we do receive, process them and figure out why. I didn’t want to be pregnant with my first child. But, I can admit now, I needed her. I wanted to turn back the hands of time when I miscarried. But, now I know, I needed that lose to focus better living for myself. I know what I’m saying my sound harsh to some, but surviving and reality ARE harsh. As a society we are far to sugar coated.

If you keep asking for something and it’s not coming to reality, it’s one of two things. You aren’t working hard enough (siting and wishing doesn’t make it happen) OR it just isn’t meant to be. Sometimes, as hard as it is to swallow, that answer is just no. Get over it and move on. However, if you find yourself in a place where you have received what you’ve been asking for, be thankful. You received everything you’ve every dreamed of. Hopefully it’s as great as you thought it would be. A grateful heart is a happy heart.


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