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Striving to be uneducated

My father did not graduate high school, nor did he attend college. Be that as it may, the man’s a genius. I’m not bias here. Really my dad could fix ANYTHING. He could sit and look at it. Give him a couple hours and it was better than new. He did push us about how important being educated is. As a child, of course, that mean school. But that’s not what he meant. And as an adult I can now understand. Our standard for ourselves needed to be higher. No half-butt performances in no matter what we did. Mostly he pushed pride. He may not have been a compassionate or doting father. But he pushed us to excel until we were at the top. I know not everyone will remember it that way, but they just weren’t paying attention.

I bring this up because now as I parent I face this. I face pushing my children to be educated. Once again, this isn’t just book smarts. It’s also about presentation of themselves to the world. I am totally down with a “lazy day”. The sweats, the stained tee. Down time. Everybody needs that. When I talk here it is in no way  downgrading that type of day. What I am bashing is the purposeful portrayal of one’s self as an uneducated degenerate. Yes, I know people have their quirks. Yes I know people talk “slang”. I get it really I do. However, why walk around talking like you haven’t completed the first grade? I’m all for when you are with buddies talking how you do. But do you ever stop to think about your presentation? I am an independent person. I don’t worry much about what other’s think of me. So I understand the argument of  forget what everybody else thinks. HOWEVER, do you comprehend the importance of your outer person to the working world? That’s a job. That’s your means of support. I’ll tell you, having been a hiring manager, if I couldn’t understand you, i wouldn’t hiring you.

Yes my children goof off. Yes my children are children. Yet I want them to portray themselves with the pride I have. I don’t want them walking around sounding like a baby unable to form full words. I have to admit, I know I will sound old here, but when I was in school and kids could talk right, they went to speech therapy. I think the world is going backwards. People are regressing instead of progressing. They keep setting their standards lower and lower.  So many people have fought for the opportunities and rights that we have to education. There are still so many people in the world who can not even read. And yet and still we live in a country where people strive to may themselves sound, look and behave as if they have no educational opportunities at all. It really is a shame.


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