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Time does fly

During a conversation with a buddy of mine, I had said, “Man life’s short. Time sure does fly” To which he replied “I don’t get why people say that. Life is the longest thing you’ll ever do” While logically he is correct, it is also correct to say, this is the only life you get. So how can you compare the length of it to anything else? I mean people die at all ages. In theory then, I am
doing something longer than them but them shorter than me. I have come to the conclusion that life is a rapid succession of blinks that each contain years of your life within them.

Blink One- Kdg with my teacher. She’s an awesome woman.

Blink two-Third grade, sharing with another student and getting an award for it. AWESOME!!

Blink three-jr high. This blink is usually a slower one because there were many good times with my bestie Angela.

Blink four- High School. Now this is more of a dry eye, can’t blink burning eye sensation. This blink felt like it lasted forever! Now don’t get me wrong, I had much fun with the drama club and my inseparable best friend. However, high school dragged and I couldn’t wait for that long-lasting blink to end. Seriously, those four years where the longest in my life.

Blink five- This is more like a rapid successions of little blinks. Birthing daughter, married, divorced, married, birthing second daughter, getting house, birthing third daughter

Blink Six- Here and now

I will still say it. Time flies. It goes by too fast to waste. Don’t just be alive, LIVE! Don’t have regrets. They will only eat away at the time you have left. We are pretty much born to die. Why be the living dead until you have to be?


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