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Tis the season…to garden

I am so excited for the month of May. It is officially the start of gardening season. I love love love to garden. Grass cutting is not included in gardening. I just want to clarify that I loathe cutting the grass. That’s my husband’s job. Now as far as tending to the plants in the grass, that’s my job. I love the snow. I love winter. I love all the seasons. BUT gardening time is my favorite. When the season is on the verge of ‘springing’ on us, I am a child sitting at the window, watching and waiting. I watch the snow melt, the grass start to turn green, look for birds. I patiently wait for the thermometer at the window to climb above freezing. I also pout like a little kid when we are teased with those warm days here and there, then slammed with the cold again. As soon as it’s a sunny day and not muddy, I am out there. I start cleaning up sticks, stray garbage from the season and start plotting.

Quite the contrary to what people think, I do not have a green thumb. I can not keep “actual” plants alive. Yes the plants and flowers I have are real. But they aren’t plants that need work. You can not kill these things. Trust me, my husband has tried. He has run them over with the lawn mower. And they have come back. Plants that need certain soil, and very specific condition, will die here. I have tried and sadly failed. I did what the directions said. However, my grim reaper of a thumb offed the poor guys. So now when I look for plants or flowers, I do research. I look up “plants that don’t die”. Seriously, I have googled that. And those are the only things I’ll buy for now. I have to know I’m not “wasting” my money on plants that I will kill.

All of my flower buds are popping up. I go out to my garden spots all over our yard. Season after season the flowers and plants get bigger and fuller. I just love it. They look so beautiful. I am so excited to see what the season holds.  So my dear readers, I know I will not be blogging daily. Today I was up and going at 8 am and didn’t come in until 7pm. I have too much yard to do in such little time. I promise, I will write you as often as I can. But hopefully you are out enjoying the beauty life has to offer you as well!!!


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