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To Christian parents…

Dear Christian Parents,

Our home is not a traditional home via religion. Our spread includes; Wiccan, Agnostic, Hellenic Polytheist, Atheist, undecided. We do not attend church. We do not read the bible. Contrary to popular belief, my children are not heathens. They actual have manners. They do things like hold open doors for other people, say excuse me, thank you, etc. They do not eat the heads off of bats or sacrifice cats. They are just finding their own way spiritual. I wouldn’t pick their spouse so why would I pick the higher power they are choosing to have a relationship with. I figure that’s something they need to decide on their own when they are ready.

Living among Christians is usually pretty mellow. Especially my open-minded Christian friends who understand Jesus just isn’t for everybody and that’s ok. When it’s not ok is when a holiday discussions come up and people don’t comprehend differences. With Easter approaching, yes I know the story behind Easter. So do my children. We just don’t believe it or practice it. BUT we still CELEBRATE BEING A FAMILY. It’s not a hard concept to understand. For us it’s about family.  Traditions are not made by the next big major retailer pushing decorations on us and telling us what to celebrate. Traditions are made by FAMILIES deciding to come together and celebrate.

Understand that other religions have holidays too. Other religions celebrate holidays just like you. Yes, for real holidays. Days that we consider “holy”. Other people, even pagans, pray. So while you chose to raise your child Christian and I raise mine undecided, PLEASE teach your child tolerance. Let them know that other people celebrate other ways and believe other things and that’s ok. It is sad that an 8 year old can not openly express her beliefs (without being ridiculed because she doesn’t believe in Jesus) while other kids can. If she called Jesus a magician that performs magic tricks not miracles, there would be (possibly has been) an outrage.  Luckily she has manners enough to know to leave the conversation alone. For now she knows that OTHER people don’t have tolerance towards her. But truly how sad is that?? If it was your child being ridiculed for worshiping God or Jesus how would that make you feel?

I know religion is always a touchy subject. I know it’s a huge topic right now about “GOD” being taken out of everything that’s why the world is going to shit. But ya know what, I don’t think it’s that. I think it’s parents not doing their job. I think it’s parents expecting the rest of the world to raise their child for them. I think if parents were as involved in their children’s lives as their are other people’s personal business, maybe their child would have the manners the world is complaining about.  Wouldn’t you agree?

Please know that I will be at home praying that light and love fills your family’s life. I’m going to pray really hard that tolerance falls upon your family so no one else will fall victim to this type of ridicule again.

As for my family we will embracing a day of love, laughter and joy. I wish the same for yours.

Blessed Be,
A Different Kind of Mom


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