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We grow beautiful things

Yesterday we were blessed with a mild winter day. Warm enough to walk the yard and dream of spring planting. We came up to my youngest’s  rose bush.This poor rose had been ravished. It had fallen victim to the stompings of children forgetting where the start of the rose garden is. She was brown and withered.  All that was remaining was a twig. I was going to to dig her up and toss her. My youngest wouldn’t have that. We couldn’t just let her die. We had to try. We had to nurse her. She was sick. So we put her in a planter in a safe spot all her own. My baby girl watered and talked to her everyday. Told her she’d be ok. She was big and strong. And yea know what, that rose bush blossomed.

“She’s lonely Ma, she needs to be with her family.”(Moved to the Rose Garden with my other rose bushes)  And just like that, my girl’s mind went into full swing for the spring transplant of her rose bush. She walked to the big rose garden. She started sizing up spots to put her rose. My heart melted and the light clicked on. The light that a true gardener soul is illuminated with. The light of love.

It was truly in the moment I realized how amazing gardening is. Sure I enjoy it. But now I appreciate it. I appreciate the peace it brings me. Nothing makes the soul heal better than crying and weeding or chopping down a tree root. I appreciate the lessons my daughters are learning about patience, pride and hard work. I appreciate the closeness it has brought in my family. Everyone, by their own choice, has  become involved. I feel the need to point out it is by their OWN choice. I don’t do slave labor. Everyone joins in here and there to share in the labor of love to make the beauty that unfolds during the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons.

Hand and hand my youngest and I were walking back to the house. Her- Mom I can’t wait for spring. Me- Why? Her-It’s beautiful. Me-Yes it is. Her- We grow beautiful things here Momma. I side squeezed her as we kept walking, using my free hand to wipe away a tear. How very true that statement is.


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