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When did you feel like an adult?

When did you grow up? I always wonder how other people answer this question. I wonder if it’s bad that I don’t really feel like a “grown up”. I’ve never really had that transition feeling. Like that right of passage. Maybe I need a coming of age party. I know my age is 32 soon to be 33. I know life is just the blink of an eye. Yea, I’m a mom and I’m married and I got sponsiblities. But I still don’t have that stuffy growned up feel I always imagined as a child.

I know life has its difficulties. I know we all have extremely hard days. But I did when I was a kid too. Maybe because I didn’t have a rosey posey childhood, my brain refuses to grow up. I still like playing in the rain. I still paint and make messes. I tear up my yard. Yes, I still belt’em out in the shower. Well, actually I shamelessly sing when I’m outside working in the yard. (Sorry neighbors) I sing all the time, anywhere, anytime. Maybe it’s because I have kids that I don’t grow up. Then again, I can’t see my brain as ever getting old. Cuz ya know if I’m sitting in nursing home and someone lets one rip…I’m totally gonna laugh myself into cardiac arrest.

Guess what really got me thinking about this is me and my husband. I dare say we are odd. And this morning, I wondered are other couples like this? Yes, I nut check my husband. I do. Just for sheer shits and giggles, to hear his high pitched laughing agony noise he makes. Yes, I tell my husband he’s gonna make me cheat on him if he doesn’t put out. I tell him I’m gonna put ads on craigslist to find a “friend”. I write comments on his facbook all the time posing as him, saying he likes boys and such. I tie dyed some of his unmentionables yellow and red because he loves Hulk Hogan. I mean I could keep going, but I’m sure he’ll read this and want vengence for something he has long forgotten.  I can’t imagine life not being funny for the most part. I figure that’s why I ended up with Greg. We both still act like we are 10 year olds always cracking jokes and pulling pranks.
These are the things I wonder about on rainy afternoons…So yea, when did you grow up?


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