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When someone listens

There are moments in life when having someone who listens is worth more than anything else.  Listening for this blog’s purpose means mouth shut, ears open. This actually can be a very difficult task. To truly shut your mouth, no peeps, no interruptions, nada, zilch, zero. Then to also close your mind down. To keep your mind quiet so that you can actually absorb what the other person is saying. That way when it is your turn to give feed back to the talker, you can actually connect on a deeper level since you listened to the words they were saying.

There are moments in life when the one thing someone needs more than anything is someone who listens to them. Not someone who is ‘listening’ to spread gossip. Not someone who is ‘listening’ to feel better about themselves. Not someone who is ‘listening’ to save your soul from the damnation of you sins. (Seriously that last one has happened it was quite awkward). Listening to someone can truly be life saving.  Life should be so much more about listening than talking.

When someone listens it makes everything seem so much more bareable. Life seems much more manageable when we have an ally. When there is that one person we can turn to in order to make our insanity sane, life seems much less cruel. Granted it is all about our view. The way we see through our eyes is what makes our world go round. But when we have the support of another person sometimes they can help us adjust our view. The dragons don’t seem so hard to slay when another person is wielding a sword with us.

Don’t let the people in your life who truly are there for you slip away.

Don’t take them for granted.

Don’t forget to say you love them.


Don’t forget to listen when they need it too.


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