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Who am I

This is a question I like to touch base on quite often. I like to stay grounded. I like to keep in touch with my values and views. I try to objectively look at my daily actions and see if they correlate with the person I want to be. Of course my view of myself changes on a daily basis. Some days I like who I see, some days I don’t. Some day I have a realistic view of myself. Others, well let’s just say my views can be wildly distorted. This always leads me to the thought “What are other people seeing when they see me?”  Now it’s not the concern over what other people think of me, but more so I am projecting my best self forward?
I try my hardest to not get caught up in what other’s think of me. Most people are judging someone else on a lack of something in their own life. So that isn’t a very good standard to hold myself to. I want my best self to be what the world sees. Not for praise or things of that nature. Just so I know I am being the best me that I can be.

I  come up with an every changing list of things I can do to be that person. Small acts that I can do to be a better person. So when I look at who I am I can tell you who I am. That always seems a question that stumps people. How do you describe yourself? When I hear that question I think about who I am and who I want to be on a inner level. Hippie? Yes I know it is. But getting to a better plane  of self awareness is one of my major goals in my life. Besides if I am not aware of who I am, how can I relate to anyone else?  If at my core, I know nothing about myself, how can I even begin to understand another person?  It is so easy in our hustling world to look right through other people as well as ourselves. Our view is always out on something or someone else. We project our visions out so far yet rarely ever reel it back in. In my opinion, that is why so many people are so unhappy with everything. They don’t know themselves. Or they are striving to be someone they really are not. They are not happy in their own skin. And quite possibly not able to answer the question “Who am I?”

Inner exploration is very challenging. You have to face demons you don’t want to. You have to admit who you really are. At times this is extremely difficult because the person you ACTUALLY are is not the person you WANT to be. However, going through this whole expedition has lead me to a list that I’m pretty proud of. I can stand behind who I am proudly without doubt. That my friends, is an amazing feeling. How would I describe myself?? This is how…

  1. I hold the door for the next person.
  2. I make eye contact and SMILE.
  3. I  ask “How’s your day?” and then actually take the time to listen to the response.
  4. I never second think stopping to help someone. (Putting groceries in someone’s car, offering to carry something, etc)
  5. I focus more on just being there for someone. Sometimes people just need another “body” around.
  6. I have a good ear and lend it often.
  7. I reciprocate what I am given.
  8. I hug.
  9. I compliment.
  10. I love openly for the world to see.

That is my list of Who I am.  If you have never thought about it like this, let this be your jumping off point. Get to know yourself. Then, work on you so you can be LOUD and PROUD about who you are and who you want to be!


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