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You’ll regret it

At this stage in the game, I openly admit I have no regrets. Hard to believe. Most scoff when I say this out loud. Surely I must be lying. Surely there are sorted things in my past that will crawl back to haunt me. Or things I’m doing now that I will most certainly regret later. Having had a person recently say to me (about a current decision): “You’re not that kind of person. You’ll regret it.” , really got me to thinking.

Decisions I’m making now are for the very first time in my life COMPLETELY in line with EXACTLY who I am.

Here and now, I’ve come to peace with myself.

And guess what? That is what regret is. Regret is all about not forgiving yourself. The life long excuse to beat up on yourself for a decision that you did or didn’t make or an action you did or didn’t take. How horrible of a person we are, right? We really let ourselves have it. Get up on that high horse of judgement, looking down up ourselves and scold, berate and pile on the guilt.

Not this time around. Not anymore. No more fighting myself about something in the past. By now means do I feel perfect or superior. It’s not like I’ve never done wrong. Oh I have, and mercilessly at that. I’ve apologized to those who I have wronged. And now I have moved on past that. Of course, I was called choice words when I came back around to apologize. And I’m at peace with that too. It’s all do to my actions anyways. Just me coming back around to kick me in the behind.

No it’s not easy. No there’s no road map. And the Universe knows I am hard to love. It’s hard for me to love myself at times. BUT  I refuse to regret anything for/with anyone. Regrets are set in the past. I would miss out on too much of today looking back on the regrets of yesterday. So dig in folks. Really let those regrets go. Forgive yourself.


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