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A Reference Point

I know that a number of my blogs going forward will have much to do with me grieving/mourning the loss of my sister. Before I jump into that, I feel the need to give a reference point to return to for others who may read my writings. This is a very basic version of my sister’s story.

March 2014- At 5 months pregnant, Krystal had a mole removed from her back and biopsied. Shortly after, her Dr told her it was Malignant Melanoma Stage 2.

April 21, 2014– Krystal had back surgery to remove the surrounding tissue and lymph nodes to catch any more cancer.
AT THIS POINT, Krystal choices her unborn child and doesn’t want treatment until after he is born
June 18, 2015- Krystal had scans done where it was discovered that she had a mass on her right frontal lobe.
July 6, 2015- Krystal has brain surgery to remove mass. At this time, it is revealed that the tumor is Stage 4 Malignant Melanoma that has metastasized.
Sept 2015- Krystal starts Opdivo, an immunotherapy. It is an IV treatment every other week for an hour. Things look pretty good. The cancer stays at bay.
March 4, 2016- Krystal has MRI and it shows that the cancer has spread further in her brain fluid.
March 9, 2016- Krystal is sent to the University of Indiana at Indianapolis to see specialists. At this time, we are told that cancer is very rare. Prognosis is 6- 12 months if either of the treatments advised even work.
March 17,2016- Krystal receives her first radiation treatment. The side effects are very harsh on Krystal. She stops the treatments and starts a new med.
April 2016- Krystal starts Zelboraf and cotellic, a regimen of chemotherapy pills. During the course of these meds, Krystal has trouble tasting foods, her eye sight decreases and she loses weight.
Sept 8 2016- Krystal is in the hospital and has MRI done. We find out that the pills are no longer worker. The cancer has spread further around the brain. It is no longer holding back and came back very aggressive.
Sept 9,2016- Krystal starts two IV immunotherapies (Yervoy&Opdivo) in hopes to slow the cancer down.
Sept 19, 2016- Krystal went to the ER with severe head pains. During this stay Krystal is placed in hospice to be made as comfortable as possible.

Sept 29, 2016- Krystal passed away.


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