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Garage Sale

Ursula’s Pour Unfortunate Souls plays, I answer my phone:  Kate!! Are you up yet??? I told you I’d be up earlier than you!!! (giggling)

Me: Check your phone, I already text you!! 

My sister: Damn it!! I thought I beat you. On my way!!

During the warmer months, I am a garage sale junkie. On that particular Saturday, my sister wanted to tag along. It was warm muggy day. Dark overcast skies. Not an enticing day for hunting garage sales. We found a rain or shine subdivision sale. 

Two big pregnant ladies laughing at everything drenched from the rain scavenging through tables, boxes, hangers. Both on the look out for the baby deal of the day. Of course, she found the score of boy’s clothes. She was so excited. There was a sparkle in those blue eyes of hers because she beat me. She won. 

As we walked around the other houses, she told me to give up. There was no way I would top that find. Just give up. She was giving me a hard time the rest of the morning. She was giggly and so lively. The rain just made it that more memorable. 

As we approached the car, she tripped over the curb.(All because she was too busy teasing me instead of watching where she was going.) I grabbed one arm, she spun. I grabbed her other hand. Luckily neither of us fell.

Now, I am about to rip her a new one. Be more careful!! Your pregnant!!! If you get hurt you can’t fight infections. So many things ran through my mind in those seconds. I was still holding her arm and hand. As I was about to open my mouth, I looked her, ready to lecture her. 

Her face was so sad. Her eyes were welling with tears. Big crocodile tear drops set there waiting to fall.

“Kate, don’t let go. Please don’t ever let go”

I couldn’t talk. Tears running down my face. I knew what she meant. I could see it in her eyes. I knodded my head.

There we stood. Next to the curb. In front of her car. Rain pouring down around us. Hugging, crying and clinging to each other.

I never let go.


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