cancer · depression · life · my heart · my sister

A ton of bricks

As I sit here today, my brain wants to write something amazing. My brain wants speak some words of wisdom to share with another person engulfed in grief. My brain knows we have to stay busy to keep moving. My heart, however, is somewhere different.

The soft snuggness of the mattress seduced me to stay cuddled in a little longer. Jersey sheets loosely sprawled about. Yellowness of my duck popping just out the edge of my arm.

An evening of full sleep. Toddler disruptions at a minimum.

Extended sigh released. Content.


My mind kicks into gear. All the things I need to accomplishment today.

I really need to call you. I haven’t heard from you in a while.

Then reality hits like a ton of bricks.

I woke up to another day without you.

Everything so fresh. Everything so harsh.

Today is a day where the world is moving so fast. Indistinguishable sounds. Blurs. Fuzz. Haze.

Today I am broken-hearted.



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