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First treatment

After a few fights with insurance my sister had her first treatment. Opdivo. It’s given through an iv. It only takes an hour. There are minimal side effects. It is used to treat lung cancer BUT has made HUGE strides in treating malignant melanoma.

This is when the fun started. No sarcasm. It was literally fun.

She would “swoop” me up. We would ride and sing. OR I would listen to the latest installment of the drama unfolding in her life.

Those poor people in that oncology office had no idea what they were in store for.

That first appointment, the nurses looked at us like we were crazy. We were looking around to all the open spots. My sister started shakin’ her rear end, hands in the air.

“Kate, you need to pick the spot that is off and poppin’!!”

As I scanned the room, a lot of people looked down or away. But one older guy, Jim said,

“I’m down for a party.”

We all laughed and that’s where we went. That day we also met Carmen. We all sat joking and laughing. Telling stories. Sharing. It was an amazing experience. Something so much better than her or I had expected. Both people told my sister and I that laughter was the best medicine. It might not cure the cancer, but it sure as hell will revive your soul.

Today my youngest, says “Me dancing Momma. Me dance partyyyy.”

Today I can look at that first treatment and laugh and smile. (Maybe cry just a little)

That was such a fun day. Just like today is a fun day.

Laughter does revive the soul, a little bit at a time.



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