cancer · grief · love · my sister


My sister’s treatment plan was on Wednesdays for six months. She’d get scans every three months.

We quickly slide into a routine. We alternated between who brought snacks. Yes, her treatment itself was only an hour. But,there was blood work, talking to doctor,etc. A visit usually took two or three hours.

Depending on how long it took, we would often go out to lunch afterwards. However, EVERY treatment called for a snack. When it was my turn to bring goodies, my sister would ask for brownies, cookies, anything homemade. When it was her turn she would usually bring candy.

This one treatment she brought Skittles. Now, when I think Skittles, it’s  original flavor. Yellow=Lemon. My sister did not like lemon (only lemon rice soup). So it’s a win for me!! I was going to get all the lemons!! Yes!!

I’m reading an article, talking to my sister about it. I stick my hand out, she gives me yellows. I pop them in my mouth.

What the hell is this???? My face was scrunched in disgust. BANANA!!!!!

What treachery is this!!!???

“Krys, you know I hate banana! Are you trying to kill me?”

She slowly flips through her magazine. Lifts her eyebrow. Gives me a side look.

“Not my fault you didn’t look at the bag.”

I rolled up my magazine and swatted her with it. She did the same to me. We were laughing and carrying on the way we could.  One of the nurses walked over (very serious), she asked us to calm down.

A lady in the next bay told the nurse to “take her grouchy ass to the back” and get her whatever treatment my sister was on! Oh it was the best!! Everyone back there getting a treatment was laughing. We all continued talking and being goofy.

When it was time for us to leave, the lady who had just walked in asked us to stay. We had been there with her before. She said she didn’t want to miss the party. My sister and I looked at each other, nodded heads and sat in her visitor’s chairs.

My sister: “What??? We aren’t leaving. The party’s just getting started!”

Me: “Yep, I was getting drink refills. What do you want?”

We always tried to leave it better than when we got there. We always tried to show people that even when times sucked, you could still enjoy the life you did have.

Day by day, its what I am trying to do. I am trying to enjoy this version of life I do have.


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