grief · love · my sister

Tax return

Every year when my sister got her tax return, she lived the rich life for a little bit. She called herself the “catch up” Aunt. If she missed a birthday gift for one of my kids, she would catch up at tax time.

Tax time would also be a time when she would have a big dinner at my house. Yes, we had dinner almost every Saturday at my house. But the “tax return” dinner would be the best because neither of us cooked. She would get a bunch of fried chicken and all the fixins. Nobody cooked. Nobody had to do dishes. Best part we both got to eat a hot meal!

 I’m not much of a fried chicken on the bone kinda person. I love tenders. She would always remember that. 

I miss that.

Her remembering those little things.

Some of it was easy because we liked the same things.

Pepsi with “fancy” aka crushed ice.

Burger with ketchup and cheese only.

Frito cheddar jalapeño dip

Cheese fries

Mc Donald’s chocolate milkshakes, no whip cream/cherry.

Rainbows. We both loved rainbows. Didn’t matter what it was. If it had a rainbow, we would love it!

Some of it, she would actually remember. And then sometimes it would be some why the hell did she get me this??? But, it was just a small token that she thought of me.

I miss that.


I thought of you for no reason

This gift makes no sense.

But it would be from her, and that was all that mattered.


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