grief · love · my sister


I struggled through birthdays this week. 

I couldn’t call on your #3’s birthday.

You couldn’t call on my #1 & #3’s birthday.

I put on my party face.

I stayed in the moment. (As best I could)

We had fun this week.

But at night, while I was up alone….I lost it. I miss you so much. Doing all of life’s “normals” without you is such a hard adjustment. I just wanted to call you.

She’s 16 Krys!!! 16!!! Do you remember your 16? Do you remember you at 16??? I sure do!! How different she is than either of us at that age. So much more focused and determined.

#3 is already 8. Remember how much bigger she was than your #2??? How did we survive being pregnant together not once, but twice?

So many thoughts come to mind.

So much love.

Birthdays were hard this week without you.


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