grief · love

Don’t take anything for granted

In our daily lives, there are a multitude of things we take for granted. Think about it. Even the smallest things.



I know, extremely basic. These are primal functions to be a human being. But, realistically, there are people who did not breathe today. There are people who are not alive today, that surely thought they would be.

Now, dig deeper.

Look at your life. Due a self inventory.

What else are you taking for granted?

Simple tasks like : clipping your toe nails, tieing your shoes, cooking your own food. Can you do those things? Someone else can’t.

How about just going outside? For some, just the thought of that is paralyzing. For others, they can do it. They can walk outside. But then their senses are bombarded with colors, sounds, smells. All of their sense are working over time to take in and process everything around them. And you where able just to stroll on out the door without a second thought to it.

Now, dig deeper.

How about people in your life? Do you let them know how you feel? Do you say it? If you have people you love in your life, let them know. Say it to them.

Don’t just assume they know.

Don’t take their love for granted.

Don’t take their presence for granted.

Don’t take anything for granted. Just don’t.



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