Autism Parenting

I often get asked how I do it. How do I balance four kids, especially two with autism?

Humor. Lots and lots of humor.

You’ve got to find the laughter in life.

Once, my kiddo spilled all her goldfish on the floor. Why?? So they could swim.

Was it frustrating she poured the whole bag out?? YES! But, come on…So they could swim??? Genius. Gotta find that laughter because otherwise, we would lose our minds. All the schedules, routines, specific foods, specific clothing, materials…..

The parenting isn’t the hardest part. Sure there is A LOT of trial and error. There are quite a few stipulations on how we have to live to help our children cope with the world. However,when it comes down to it, you learn what works for you and your child. You learn all of their needs. Then, you don’t judge, yourself or them. You just accept life as it is.

The hardest part of parenting children with autism (for me), is the other parents. Our girls are verbal. Our girls are those “little professors” stereotypes other autism parents hate. But for us, that’s our lives. We live with judgement all the time.

Most of the judgement comes because our daughters can talk. It is a frustrating place to be. It is hard to find support. All because our daughters can talk. Our daughters are “those” kids that can “pass” as normal.

I wish those other parents would understand, that just because we have those “little professors” at home, it doesn’t make them any less “autistic”. It doesn’t make life any easier.

Our home is still an autism home.


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