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Not an expert

Expert. I often wonder what actually makes someone an expert. Experts have a special skill set or knowledge about a specific topic. So,then by definition, any person with a child would technically be a parenting expert. A parent has specialized knowledge a non-parent does not possess.

I have four children.

I am not an expert.

Everyday there is something new.  (Yes, even after four!) I don’t think that the learning ever stops. You teach them, and they teach you. It’s a life long endeavor.

When I first heard the diagnosis”autism”, it was a relief. The world was recognizing my #2 was who she was. That we weren’t hypervigiliant or over wound. That indeed, she was on the spectrum. For our family, that word was welcome. Autism was/is something I relentlessly analyze. I want to make sure I can understand the world (the best I can), the way that #2 and #4 do.  I read. I research. I watch documentary after documentary. But most of all, I try my best to live in their world with them.

I know for other families autism is not a welcome word. It has a bad connotation to it.  But it isn’t a bad word. Your child is the same as they were before. Now you just have a word to help YOU better understand how they see the world.

This is where I will reiterate that I am not an expert. I am just another parent trying to reach out and let you know it will be ok. Do the best you can, your way. Nobody will know your child better than you. No one. There will be heaps of advice, articles, etc. thrown at you. Take what you need, disregard the rest.

You will know what is best for you child.

Don’t lose sight of that.




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