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Meme talking

I had no idea what a meme was until last year. I really didn’t know what someone meant when they said meme. (I also read it me me.) I am very willing to admit I was behind the times. I just thought they were pictures with words. So, you can tell I am not always up to date with what the new hottest memes.

My #2 always has catch phrases. She will walk around repeating the same things. I do believe she has every episode of Spongebob memorized. She will say the most random line, and (of course) I am supposed to know who said it and the episode it is from. She has a majority of the script from Bee Movie memorized. When she is in an awkward situation, or just doesn’t know what to say, she recites lines from something she is comfortable with.

I noticed over the last year that she would repeat something for about a month, then it would change. I thought she was coming up with new things to say to cope. Not just her comfort shows. She was walking around the house talking about hurricane tortilla for the longest time. One day, I just couldn’t take it. I had to know what it was from.

My #1 (who is 16) laughed at me and said, “Ma, it’s a vine.” What the hell is a vine??? Then she proceeded to explain to me that #2 was reciting  Vines and memes. “Ma, you didn’t think that was from Spongebob did you?”  No I didn’t. I just thought #2 was saying different catch phrases she put together herself.

Now, I pay more attention to memes. I find the “sickest” ones and text them to #1 and #2. I talk to the kiddos through KIK (messaging app). So now I’m totally cool because I am “meme talking”.

I have learned as a parent that finding ways to communicate with my offspring is much easier when I do it through things that they love.

As a parent of autistic offspring I have learned that communicating their way is the doorway into their world.

For now, I guess that is “meme talking”………


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