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Having kids, you have to understand they don’t sit still. To have an autistic kid means you have to multiple that “don’t sit still” by about a million. Then in my house, you multiple that by two!! It is always on the go. Up, down, all around.

My #2 is now 12 yrs old. I try to remember back to when she was 2. What did I do with her? What toys did she have? What sensory stuff did I have??

How did I do this??? Is a question that crosses my mind countless times a day as I look at my #4 who is now 2 years old. How did I survive parenting a toddler with autism?? What did I do??

My #2 loved deep pressure. Wrestling. Any activity that used large muscle groups. I had wanted to get a big trampoline for the yard. I brought it up to our pediatrician. The poor man’s eyes about fell out of his head. He looked so shocked I even suggested it. On my side, I figured it was big time heavy output that worked large muscles. BUT, my brain didn’t really think about her unsteady gait.

For a moment, I was in the brain of a neuro-typical parent. My brain switches back and forth between neuro-divergent and neuro-typical parenting. I have four children. Two on the spectrum, two not on the spectrum. So evey once in awhile that brain of mine plays tricks on me. I wanted to get the trampoline. Kids have so much fun on them!!!

Then my brain flipped back. BUT it’s big. Her gait is a bit unstable. The reality is it will be too overwhelming. The doctor was right (this time). Then he made a great “instead” suggestion. An exercise trampoline!

There it was!! I remembered!!! An exercise trampoline! That’s how I survived #2!!

Yesterday, I got #4 an exercise trampoline! She LOVES it!!! Now, it was VERY exciting, so she didn’t sleep the best. BUT she went to sleep really easy.

Here’s hoping it works as good for #4 as it did #2. If not, one to the next idea!


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